Apps is home of the “ity™” line of apps. “Ity™” Bitty apps with NO SPYWARE! NO ADS! NO DATA HARVESTING! The ONLY thing we record is the data required to make the app function other then standard web style tracking for errors and bugs*. If the app needs global high scores, it will record your score (and a name if you want credit). We WILL NOT sell your data to ANYONE!!! This is why most of our apps are only $.99  It’s easy to add tracking and data collection to apps and WE DON’T! Clean apps that perform their function well without bogging the device down! All verified by Google!!!


Check back to this page to see what’s newly released! We’ve got some cool ones in the oven!!

Our first early release (still being fine tuned) is called “Clickity™”.
Check it out!