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The Beer Bottle Genie Studio

The home of the Beer Bottle Genies and the BlahBlah Players. Specially sound-proofed and structurally designed to withstand the incredible force of aircraft engine explosions. And a good thing too, because this is where the Blahk Party originated! Poopsnacks? We gots dem! A whole buffet of Poopsnacks. What's this green stuff all over the floor? Can-O-Vag?!?! What is it that made all that magic happen?

Good times ...

"Actual sentences are not very likely to be written like anything here."

"Can you shit a brick...without it lookin' like a brick?"

"Let's tase GTC!"

"... and the saddest thing that day was that santa, died from poopsnacks."

"I've been sucking helium all day!"

"WTF is FartInAirConditioner?"

"MMMMM ... Lima Beans"

Radio BlahBlah 3 Word Story GTC! GTC! GTC! Cognitive Liberty ... It's Made Of People!