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What do I plan on doing with your money?

That depends on my mood but for the most part 95% of the funds will be USED ON THE SITE USERS! The other 5% will be used to pay bills (mainly, the bill to PayPal for providing this service!). Of course I reserve the right to just cash in on the MILLIONS in donations I'm SURE that this site will generate but that's a given (see you in VEGAS BABY!!!).. Really though. Some potential things that I might use the money on are:

  • Shipping for the FREE STUFF I like to send to the site users!
  • Paying for the FREE STUFF!
  • Paying for the BEER we drink while packing the FREE STUFF!
  • Solving World Hunger (I LOVE to feed people!)
  • World Peace
  • Actually PAYING people to help make this site BETTER!!!
  • And LASTLY, ANY DAMN thing I want to!!!!!
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